MGB R02 spearheads gender sensitivity training

By: LR Basilio

Gender equality denotes the equivalence in life outcomes for both men and women, the Bureau through its GAD advocacy is determined to recognize their different needs and interest that resulted to the redistribution of resources for the equitable participation of men and women in the office’ tasks and responsibilities.

As the highlight of this year’s MGB R0II Gender and Development (GAD) program, the bureau spearheaded a Gender and Development sensitivity training which aimed to provide basic knowledge and awareness of roles and relations of men and women in the contribution to and to benefit equally from development.

With the theme:” Gender and Development: Challenges on Gender roles and relations,” the GAD training was conducted last December 19-20, 2016 at MGB Conference hall where all employees of the bureau attended the said event.

“This is a good venue for us to understand the differences of roles of men and women for us to better recognize and appreciate the opposite sex,” Felicitas V. Piligan, GAD focal person said