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MGB Region 2 implements preventive measures against covid-19


MGB Region 2 implements preventive measures against covid-19


Tuguegarao City, Cagayan- The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. II implemented various measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease in the workplace.

On 13 March 2020, RD Mario A. Ancheta gave a short briefing regarding the covid-19 outbreak. After the meeting, he led the distribution of face masks for each employee in the Bureau. The face masks will be used in the office especially when transacting with clients.

RD Ancheta called his staff for an emergency meeting on 16 March 2020 to discuss the preventive measures of MGB ROII against COVID-19. Employees wore their face masks and observed social distancing during the staff meeting.

During the meeting, RD informed all his staff that the scheduled ISO recertification workshop was cancelled as a preventive measure of MGB to stop the spread of coronavirus disease.

On the other hand, RD Ancheta likewise notified the body on the CSC Circular no. 7 series of 2020 regarding the alternative work arrangement options and parameters. The OIC Finance and Administrative Division Imee Gatan- Agaloos provided for the work schedules for employees to choose (Mondays to Thursdays- 7:30- 6:30, Tuesdays to Fridays- 7:30-6:30, and Monday to Fridays (8:00 – 5:00).


Also discussed during the meeting was the cancellation of all IEC activities as well as fieldworks of MGB ROII employees. 

Further, MGB ROII delegates from recently held MGBEA seminar in Zamboanga City were asked to undergo a 14-day home quarantine to ensure everyone’s safety.

On 17 March 2020, the regional director again called for a short meeting to discuss the work from home arrangement. Outputs of employees shall be monitored by their respective division chiefs.

Each employee was also given a tissue roll and wipes as a necessary measure of the agency to prevent the spread of COVID 19 infection in the workplace.rd3.JPG

Prior to the meetings, RD Ancheta already instructed the Finance and Administrative Division to provide alcohol and hand sanitizer at the lobby and MGB ROII comfort rooms. Use of biometrics by employees was also temporarily suspended. Employees used log book for their time in and time out where the security guard in-charge strictly monitored the log of employees.

MGB ROII clients were also temporarily entertained at the lobby to avoid the spread of the virus at the workplace.

Thermometer was also given to each employee to regularly monitor their body temperature.

Information bulletin regarding COVID 19 was also provided where relevant updates, issuances, and preventive measures were pasted for employees to read on.

MGB ROII likewise initiated a disinfection activity in the office premises. This was participated in by all its employees.rd5

Prior to the work from home arrangement of the Bureau, MGB ROII issued client advisories to properly inform its clienteles regarding the temporary work arrangement of its staff.  However, during the community quarantine in Luzon, RD Ancheta designated Engr. Felix Matanguihan as skeletal force in the Bureau to render urgent services. Also, communication lines among all employees are likewise open and easily accessible this is to ensure smooth workflow of the office despite the quarantine. Records Officer Marie Rose Tangan is also monitoring updates, requests, and applications through MGB ROII electronic mail to avoid disruption of work.

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