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GAD Lady Manager
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The Lady Manager: Agnes B. Rosales
Top management position in the mining industry is not only for men but also for women.
FCF Minerals Corporation Community Relations Manager, Agnes Binueza Rosales is one among the 5 lady managers of the company and is now on her 12th year in service.
Her dedication and passion for her work radiates positivity that brings inspiration to CRO staff, where 72% are female, to continue pursuing their aspirations and goals in life. She constantly gives them motivation to be a better version of themselves every day to give the same energy to their fellows and to the community.
Born and raised from the City of Smiles - Bacolod City in Western Visayas miles away from the Province of Nueva Vizcaya in the North, the language and culture barrier never became a hindrance for her to show her compassion to the community especially to the company’s host and neighboring communities. She even extends her support by conducting skills enhancement training not only to the CRO staff but also to the members of the Community Based Organizations to ensure sustainable development for their livelihood programs.
FCF Minerals Corporation continues to promote equal gender opportunity for a safer and healthier workplace, the reason why Ms. Rosales chooses to stay in the company.
The Women in Mining features stories of women in the mining industry that despite being in a field that has long-since dominated by males, they continue to fulfil their jobs with utmost commitment and fervor.
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When it comes to extracting metals in a rock, Jenalyn Paredes is the authority.
As Superintendent, she leads her Metallurgy team in helping optimize the Didipio Mine’s operation by being involved in the actual ore processing, or the process of extracting metals from their ores.
“We make sure that the target parameters and metrics are met by sharing our technical knowledge and coaching the operations team,” the 36-year-old Jen explained.
No difference
There is no difference with what her male colleagues do compared to her tasks, Jen explained. “The metallurgists' tasks are the same regardless of gender,” she said.
As a metallurgist, Jen acknowledged that there is “no perfect industry” and that discrimination in the workplace is a challenge. However, someone did inspire her way back during her application process.
“I've been inspired by my former Process Manager who interviewed me back in the commissioning days in 2012. When I asked him if there is gender requirement with the role, he told me it doesn't matter at all because he knows that women are capable of anything that men can do,” Jen recalled.
From that day on, that advice has stuck with Jen and has always been her source of strength. It boosted her confidence and power to be "loud" and perform her job without hesitation.
“I was lucky to be chosen,” she said, after defying the odds of the mining industry being a male-centric field and besting her fellow applicants in 2012.
From ‘Jen of Didipio Mine’ to ‘Jen of Waihi Operation’
Jen, who has been with Didipio Mine for 10 years, is expanding her horizons as a metallurgist as she will be moving to OceanaGold Corporation’s Waihi Operation in the North Island of New Zealand.
“I think it sends a strong message that women have a significant place in mining and that our talents overpower our gender or whatever limit the society is giving us just because we are women (if you know what I mean ????),” Jen underscored.
“Conversely, women are limitless, and we can go places when we work hard, and our talents are unlocked.”
The Women in Mining features stories of women in the mining industry that despite being in a field that has long-since dominated by males, they continue to fulfil their jobs with utmost commitment and fervor.
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Women in Mining: Women as Miners
Women branded as “Miners” is very unusual because working in the mining industry requires physical strength where men are usually more capable.
Working for FCF Minerals Corporation as Procurement Manager, Ms. Martina Walis, did not feel that her skills is being capped and underestimated by the company. She even felt valued as the company is supporting their employees’ growth by providing necessary training suited for their job without looking into position and gender, a manifestation of equality and fairness being practiced by the company.
Inspired by her family and her co-workers, which she considers her second family, Ms. Walis continued to strive and aimed to be on top of the ladder of success. Her dedication and commitment towards work gained her promotions throughout the years. Started as Procurement Officer on January 11, 2018, she was promoted as Procurement Superintendent on October 1, 2020 and recently as Procurement Manager.
According to Ms. Walis, being a woman in the mining industry is a pride and absolutely a victory.
“It is an honor to be given an opportunity to say side by side “THANK YOU FCF” for the opportunity to be part of this organization and be more resilient throughout the years”.
The Women in Mining features stories of women in the mining industry that despite being in a field that has long-since dominated by men, they continue to fulfil their jobs with utmost commitment and fervor.
PHOTO Judy An Pugong 3 2
Women in Mining: FROM GRADUATION CAP TO HARD HAT: Judy-An…Didipio local, DMTG Scholar, Mining Engineer, Babae
For somebody whose first career choice is not mining engineering, Judy-An Pugong hurdled some challenges along the way and made strides in her engineering practice at the Didipio Mine.
“Mining engineering wasn't my first choice when I was about to go to college. [But] when my family's economic status started to decline when I just finished high school, I was pushed to find a solution in which I could ease the burden of my parents,” Judy-An said.
Born and raised in Didipio, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya, Judy-An first became a part of the Didipio Mine as a beneficiary of the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) in 2015.
She eventually realized how responsible mining works, which made her choose mining engineering as a college course. So, when she learned about the Scholarship Program under the Mine’s Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences or DMTG, she grabbed the opportunity and applied.
Armed with a scholarship, Judy-An went on to pursue Mining Engineering at Saint Louis University in Baguio City and became a full-fledged Mining Engineer in 2021.
“My five years of hard work finally paid off after I passed the board exam in August 2021 and got accepted at Didipio Mine in November of the same year. I was only a fresh graduate at that time with almost no experience, but the company didn’t hesitate to hire me and made me part of the Mine’s ramp up,” Judy-An joyfully shared.
Judy-An focused on her career at Didipio Mine and fulfilled roles from an in-training planning engineer to an underground trainee to a mining engineer.
It is true, however, that there is still a gap in the workforce based on gender in the “male-dominated” mining industry.
But Judy-An believes that being a woman does not, in any way, hinder her in being a mining engineer in Didipio Mine.
“Being in a "male-dominated" industry of mining didn't hinder me from performing my duties as a mining engineer. The people I work with in the Didipio Mine, especially in the Underground, gave me an equal chance to perform all underground tasks without hesitations. They have always been very supportive of me since the very beginning of my duty, and I couldn't be more grateful for that,” she said.
Judy-An has performed all underground tasks which included driving haul trucks, drilling production holes, and charging of development and production headings, among others.
“The crews, especially the men, never made me feel like I was less capable than them, and I felt that when they were always involving me in all the tasks that they were doing,” she added.
Judy-An says that as long as people believe in themselves and always put in the effort required for work, women can also do what men can do
The Women in Mining features stories of women in the mining industry that despite being in a field that has long-since dominated by men, they continue to fulfil their jobs with utmost commitment and fervor.
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SEC Caguioa Visits NAC Subsidiary in Isabela
DENR Assistant Secretary for Finance, Information Systems, and Mining Concerns Nonita S. Caguioa recently visited the Dinapigue Mining Corporation (DMC), a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC) based in coastal Isabela.
Asec Caguioa explored the mining companies in Region II, including FCF Minerals Corporation, OceanaGold Philippines Inc., and DMC to get a glimpse of the best mining practices in the area.
At DMC, Asec Caguioa observed that best mining, environmental, and social development practices that the company implements and expressed her satisfaction at how well-represented women are across the departments in DMC.
DMC Resident Mine Manager Edwin R. Casiano and key department heads and representatives toured Asec Caguioa around the Mine Site starting with the Pacific View Area, a previously mined area converted to an eco-tourism project, then Mine Area 5 to witness the company’s operational practices.
The tour ended with a stop to the company’s Agro-Farm where DMC grows its vegetables and raises livestock. Asec Caguioa was also given a chance to pick fresh vegetables to take home as souvenirs of her tour to DMC.
Asec Caguioa was accompanied by Emely Delmendo, Head of the Mine Environmental Management Section of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office II, DENR Maria Roasario Canave, OIC of the Environmental Management Section for MGB Region 1, and Reina Frances Requieron, Engineer III from DENR Central.
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This is how Marcela Abalos describes the working conditions inside the Didipio Mine in Barangay Didipio, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. Ms Abalos has been driving equipment as a Rehandling Truck operator for more than a year, and she said that everyone is treated equally and not discriminated against in Didipio Mine.
The 45-year-old also encourages her fellow women employees to excel because they can also do what men can. Ms Abalos said that she is an example of being afraid of the dangers of her job sometimes, but she always prods herself not to give up and she can do her job. She added that the company’s values such as teamwork and respect are always emphasized.
Ms Abalos is thankful for the opportunity that Didipio Mine gave her, especially since she is the breadwinner of her family. “Kahit pagod kang nanggaling sa trabaho basta makita kong nasa mabuting kalagayan ang pamilya ko. Okay na ako dun”, she says.
The Women in Mining features stories of women in the mining industry that despite being in a field that has long-since dominated by men, they continue to fulfil their jobs with utmost commitment and fervor.
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DMC Inaugurates Diversion Road
The Dinapigue Mining Corporation (DMC) inaugurates its diversion road leading to its Mine Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) Area near Barangay Digumased in Dinapigue, Isabela.
DMC OIC – Resident Mine Manager Engineer Edwin R. Casiano delivers the opening remarks by welcoming the government officials along with the Road Right of Way claimants present during the event.
Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC) Chief Operating Officer Engineer Arnilo C. Milaor says “this alternate road is a huge step towards the full operations of the company and with this, we will be able to address DMC’s transportation needs and in turn, help people create more income, create more jobs, and better assist with the development of sustainable communities here in Dinapigue.”
Additionally, COO Milaor announces that the request of the Municipal Hospital for the honorarium for six additional nurses is approved, bringing the said health facility closer to government accreditation. “It is through partnerships like these that hand-in-hand, we will bring progress and sustainable development to the municipality of Dinapigue,” he adds.
In a special speech addressed to the officials and residents present, Municipal Mayor Vicente Mendoza speaks on how the diversion road will not just benefit the company with regard to its operational needs, but the community at large especially those engaged in businesses like agriculture and quarrying.
The program concluded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to formally inaugurate the road followed by a separate program at the DMC Mine Site for the company’s official commencement of its mining season. - Story and photo by Dinapigue Mining Corporation